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As of September 2014 AB-Solute-Fusion® is a trademarked and registered program. It has been in development for the past 15 years with one goal in mind: to develop a program that would push individuals to be the best they can possibly be athletically. Lancelot developed an innovative program that would focus on balance, agility, flexibility & explosive power, all based around the strengthening of the core.


AB-Solute-Fusion® has decided to follow Anhya Jenkins a sophomore in high school and a female basketball player who has been utilizing the AB-Solute-Fusion® program for the last year. We will track her progress as an athlete from year to year and interview her periodically about the benefits she’s experiencing on the court as a result of training with AB-Solute-Fusion®.


Sports have always been a part of Lancelot’s life since he was 10 years old and excelling in athletics is a part of his DNA. His early success as an athlete and the success of his sports team at ages 8-13 gave him the taste at a young age of what it was like to compete for a position, work hard, sacrifice as well as be a part of a winning program (Hurricanes in Brooklyn, New York). As a result he went to high school where he would attend another winning program, (Holy Cross High School). He would leave 5:00 am every morning from Brooklyn to take two trains and a bus to Queens where he went to school. Holy Cross instilled in him what it meant to love something and someone so much that you would give everything you had to be a part of it. Head coach Tom Pugh would begin to mold Lancelot’s character with this one analogy: “If you can love what you do and the guy next to you, you will always be a champion”. It was there where he began to develop the work ethic, passion and love for training as much as playing the game itself.  Upon graduating from Holy Cross with a full scholarship in hand, Lancelot went onto play at a division one college. Success would follow him to the University of Maine where they would capture the Yankee Conference Championship his freshmen year. His college career would teach him the greatest lesson of all: adversity is temporary when you have the will, guts, fortitude to fight and work with every ounce of your soul for what you want. After graduating with a degree in communications, Lancelot went on to playing professional football in Europe, which further supported his belief in himself to succeed. His willingness to give everything to a dream is the only way he approaches life. He learned you might not always get what you want but ultimately get what is meant for you. 


Lancelot would make the incredible transition from athletics to dance were he would study Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and African for four years at Bernice Johnson’s Dance School in Jamaica Queens. He would take the passion, love and work ethic from football and now transfer it into the art of dance. 


Lancelot is now managed by MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, a development, production and management company based in Hollywood, CA and New York City.
Lancelot's recent credits include choreographer for and actor in the forthcoming feature film "At The Top Of The Pyramid".  Theatrical release early 2015 (See IMDB). 

Other acting credits include the films: "Under Siege",  "Brooklyn Bound", "Martial Law",  The Docufilm "In The Blood", and "The Culprit".
And on the stage:  "Indigo Dancers" at the Kit Kat Club (Broadway), "Middle Class Black Folk In The Claire De Lune" (National Tour), Eugene O'Neil's "Anna Christie", "Sampson Et Delilah" featuring Placido Domingo at the Metropolitan Opera, "The Road" & "Open End" both at the Producers Club in New York City.
Lancelot has also worked as a voiceover artist providing narration for the short tribute film: "Hank Aaron The Business Man" and the PBS Peabody Award winning documentary series "I'll Make Me A World".

Some highlights of Lancelot's work as a choreographer are: MTV's hit series "Skins", exclusive choreographer for Hip-Hop Artist REYN including the celebrated REYN SHOW (national tour), and REYN music videos "Lyfe" and the music video "Supastar" where Lancelot is also the featured dancer.
Lancelot was also choreographer on the debut music video for Motown R&B Artist LaTeef and created choreography for the "The Knick City Dancers" and "The Great Adventures Amusement Park Closing Ceremonies".
In his artist development work, Lancelot's clients include his newest project Vine singing sensation Matt Hill, Madison Beer Pop artist seen on MTV, as well as Heather Burns and Justin Hall, both of whom landed roles on Broadway in the Tony Award winning musical "Billy Elliot" and in "Mary Poppins". Lancelot also worked closely with Nikki Blonski from the movie "Hair Spray" and is exclusive fitness trainer to supermodel Isaac J. Sullivan who was the face of Sean John, Armani, Givenchy and is the spokesmodel for the fragrance ZIPPED PREMIER.
As a creative director and producer, Lancelot conceived and staged the multi-media extravaganzas: "Hip-Hop Fusion I-IV", which featured "The Journey", written and directed by Lancelot.
Lancelot is also the founder and creative director of the internationally acclaimed dance/fitness group "Momz-N-Da Hood".   
Lancelot is the creator and director of "Hip-Hop Dance Boot Camp".
"Hip-Hop Dance Boot Camp"  is a series of development programs and courses that will provide dancers of all ages, and backgrounds, the opportunity to experience and achieve the many styles and facets of Hip-Hop dance.

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